Book of the Dead

One of the recent artworks. It is based on one of my previous Pathfinder games.
Taeko Shettl is an alchemist of Mulhorandi origin. This means her religion differs from the most of the Faerun, and is closer to classic acient Egypt. So, here I created an vision in her mind of what she did and what may be the consequences.

The instrument here is Krita and Ramon Miranda’s great pack of traditional media brushes. They let me to create the weird watercolour-like background, suitable for a half-dream image.

“When you sign a contract with a devil, even if you do not sell your soul, you start to think about your afterlife. Making a copy of Book of the dead in the night library, Taeko read the long familiar words and vows again and again. The quill painted the symbols carefuly, while the mind started to understand the terrifying fact. When she stands before the gods, she will not be able to speak. She does not want to become an oathbreaker. It was all standing clearly before her, the hellfire that she bought with the contract and the impassive eyes of the gods that looked on the outbalancing heart.She heard the words: “Your deeds are weighted, numbered and judged.” She understood, that her future is defined: non-existence.”



Well… I guess I’ll try to come back here, though I’ll try to make this place bilingual, for my practice and your sake.
Time passes, names change. The things I do, change too. So, now I am more a toy master that tries to mix her art with the motives of ancient alchemy, strange stories, shadows of the quantum world and so on.

Решила попробовать вернуться сюда. Раньше это был мой чисто англоязычный блог, теперь попробую, для всеобщего удобства и собственной практики писать сразу на двух языках.
Если кто-то читал этот блог раньше… Времена менятся, имена тоже. Теперь я в большей степени делаю игрушки, пытаясь смешать свое мастерство с темами древней алхимии, странных историй, тенями квантового мира и прочими непонятными вещами.




Normally, it is an art blog, I know. Sometimes, though…

I have a strange relationship with humanitarian disciplines. A bad professor in them annoys me more, than in technical ones, even though I am a physicist.
This was the second time. The first one was Russian language, and this on is History. I do not understand, why they are like that. They do not try to really understand students. Of course, history is not our speciality. But the only adaptation is she does not ask so much. But well… there IS difference in the points of view, in the model of the world, in cultural background! They speak that you should respect the differences with other cultures. But, perhaps, they should also try to understand whom they are working with…

Now I am in a strange mood a bit. Such communication always brings me out of normal pace of thoughts. In the depths of mind is rising the pale woman with long dark hair. Artwork with Tess Novak is mostly done than, I do not know, why. I start to think how to explain physics to historians. And I can imagine ways.
I want to see a man whom I haven’t seen for more than year. He was a professor of Japanese culture. Totally different in ideology and philosophy, and yet understanding and wise. I found the place to see him. I have things to speak. But will he have time for me? Will he listen to me? Will he speak with me? I do not know. He told that man must find a sensei himself…

Sorry for my random thoughts, sorry for my bad English.

UPD: Made an artwork.

Further Work

So, the studies have started again, but this does not mean I do not work. I am making now two penguins – Flying Gentoo and Shaman Penguin. Here is what I have:

Though I have to do more. I will post the concepts later, when I have something more then rough sketch.
Apart from that, I am still making some laces. And the studies mean that I make some sketches during tham. Now I try to explore the character of young Bloodraven from GRRMartin’s books.


I do not know if it is really worth to do, but I started a Patreon. It is like an on-going Kickstarter. If you love my art and want to encourage me to do it more often – welcome here. Patreon

I just wonder, if anyone really needs my art, that is all.